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Cuban Jazz, Latin Jazz. Vibraphone. Percussion. Composer
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 Alfredo Chacon is a Cuban American composer, vibraphone player and percussionist. His music is fresh, happy, positive and full of energy. The melodies play a very important role as much in his compositions as in his solos.

 Chacon is emerging as one of the most prominent voices of the vibraphone in Latin and Cuban Jazz. He combines a high technical level in his instrument with a great musical and harmonic knowledge, blending genres like blues, bebop and funk, with his Cuban roots.  


 Multi-instrumentalist and Latin-jazz star Alfredo Chacon presents a Brazilian-tinged package of light bossa nova and Afro-Cuban rhythms on the sensational "Bossing in the Rain", adding to his ever-growing list of music as a leader and sideman. A major voice in the Latin jazz genre, and fixture in the Miami jazz scene, Chacon honed his skills on the vibraphone and percussion by living and performing around the world. Having an affinity for the sounds of samba and bossa nova, it is no surprise that he would choose to feature the genre on one album.

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